"Karasyeozersky-2" housing estate complex logo restyling (2011)

Traditional heraldry can be simply integrated into current visual communications. It may be light, simple and up-to-date, available and free of redundant pathos and coquetry taint. It works well in the identica of either state institutions and commercial enterprises, especially in territories branding and residential infrastructure branding.

Former style: eclectic "historical" image overloaded with details, solid background, hard-to-read small fonts, gold imitation which is not gold – provokes feeling something unnatural. The whole style is too difficult to perceive and is not up-to-date in the context of current design trends.

New style: simple, easy-to-read sign, convenient fonts of good contrast, eye-comfortable eco-colours, much space – this all makes a clear graphic sign. Harmony of traditions and novelty, simplicity and democracy. It creates an impression of a high-quality product without any fictitious meaning.

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